AFK (Away From Keyboard)
part of the VR group show Invisible Forces,
curated by Marko Backman, Tuomo Rainio, Mireia C. Saladrigues and Aleksi Salminen
« As if we would be insects, we find some clumsy objects staged outside the building, almost as part of the landscape. They are ready-mades, 3D scanned trees, chunks and other motives that have been directly dropped in the virtual reality after digitalization.

Collecting 3D data and digitizing is nowadays extensive, from making open-accessible library archives to private (and sometimes illicit) storage of ADN chains by pharmaceutic industry. Because of its use, scanned items are commonly carefully reviewed; they must reproducee/represent as precise as possible its original.

In her proposal, Sara Blosseville has left the voids and imprecise borders of the items that often follows the technological formation of the visual hull. Denying is as a new way of casting. But also it goes further: she proposes contemplation rather than interaction, a silence in the world of simulation, virtual sculptures that inform about nature as an undocumentable item. As when snow mixes with car juice. »

Text by Mireia C. Saladrigues