Pasture Ointment for The Gernsback Conitinuum group show at Twilight Sculpture Garden 2021 Photos by Andrew Rutherdale ⤴
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˚ ༘lotta ✶ ⋆。alchemical altar for Catabasis Exaltation Liberation Front ⤴
Feu Follet. 2021. Bronze. 25 x 32 x 19cm
Field Trip, duo show with Victor Gogly for Solo Show Online 2021 ⤴
their room washed with hot light, curated by Iona Roisin & Eeva-Maija Pulkkinen 2023 ⤴
The Offspring, solo exhibition at Gjutars Taiteilijatalo in Vantaa Finland 2021 Photos by Shia Conlon ⤴
Crops, duo exhibition with Johanna Blank curated by Light-harvesting Complex at Mustarinda 2021⤴
Swallet for Goblin Doors online publication curated by Sakari Tervo 2020⤴
Waterlogged for Elon Kierre group exhibition curated by Micol Curatolo, Julia Fidder, Sadet Hirsimäki, Aska Mayer, Iida Nissinen, Martina Šerešová at Viikki Research Farm 2022 Photos by Teemu Ullgren ⤴
Amateur Amantes in their dark fantasies, group exhibition curated by Emma Pidre at Wiener Art Foundation Gallery, Vienna Austria 2022 Photos by Philip Pess & Alyona Grekova⤴
Cendres de Lune, solo exhibition at Le Virage in Quimper France 2022 ⤴